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The Week in UNwind

Alms for the Auto Execs, Alms for the Auto Execs
Gregg punts - has trouble providing oversight to the Troubled Asset Relief Program.
Unemployment benefits hit highest level in 26 years
Perfect time for tax reform or tax revolt?
Obama meets the Governors. The small talk? Infrastructure...There may be a road, a bridge, a transmission line in your future.
How many zeros in a trillion??? Economists call for One Trillion dollar stimulus.

Obama announces Foreign Policy Team - David Gergen of Harvard, CNN, and advisor to four president, comments





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The Week

Jeff Feingold, Editor of NH Business Review

The speech - political chowder mimics c-span

Media Maven and America's Premier Political Pundit, David Gergen, speaks about the future of American Foreign Policy at the World Affairs Council meeting at Southern NH University.

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