CEI Blogger Update - Obama's Cabinet Edition

>>Podcast LibertyWeek Episode 19: Will Obama Torture the Constitution?

This week your hosts Richard Morrison and Cord Blomquist bring you the latest in free market news from our new location and studio on L Street NW in Washington, D.C. We start with the success of Christopher C. Horner’s new book on global warming, Red Hot Lies. We then move on to Barack Obama’s nominee for attorney general, stopping online poker cheats, Ted Stevens’ never-ending corruption scandal and some humbling Olympic News.



>>Pocast LibertyWeek Episode 18: The Lost Episode.

Due to a change in studios during the Thanksgiving Holiday, Episode 18 was not released according to the usual LibertyWeek schedule. Enjoy it now, however, and give a listen to what has already become our most mysterious and sought-after production: The Lost Episode.


Celebrate the pre-Thanksgiving season with your host Richard Morrison and special guest co-host William Yeatman. This week we discuss the Institute’s impending move to L Street, the bailout that wouldn’t die, Vaclav Klaus’ fiery opposition to climate alarmism (and his book), Chris Horner’s determined commitment to climate truth (and his book), the continuing pirate scourge in east Africa and some possibly salacious Olympic news.


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Eric Holder and Tech Policy

>>As Cited on CNET's News.comand ArsTechnica

by Cord Blomquist

"Barack Obama will be nominating Eric Holder, former Clinton Administration deputy attorney general, to become the nation’s highest ranking law enforcement official. This has folks like me worried, as Holder has expressed some unsavory views when it comes to keeping our technology free."



If Obama Rewrites NAFTA, Canada Could Hit Back Hard

by Fran Smith

"To revisit NAFTA and try to include protectionist measures would be a huge mistake. What many NAFTA critics may not realize is that the trade agreement benefits all three countries – the U.S., Canada, and Mexico – and the U.S. has some sweet deals from NAFTA."


Berlau on Air America today — debating deregulation on Thom Hartmann

by John Berlau

"Today at noon Eastern time, I will enter the lion’s den. I will be live in the New York City studios of liberal network Air America having a friendly discussion about deregulation on The Thom Hartmann Program."



This Week’s Least Objectionable Bureaucrat

by Wayne Crews

"The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman, the alarmed Sheila Bair, sounded the warning that the government must devise an “exit strategy” for the bailout."



Banks Sued No Matter What They Do

by Hans Bader

"Banks get sued for discrimination no matter what they do. If they don’t make enough loansin low-income, predominantly minority neighborhoods, they get accused of “redlining,” and are subject to sanctions underpolitically-correct laws liketheCommunity Reinvestment Act, which contributed to the financial crisis by pressuring lenders to make risky mortgage loans."



Ryan Lynch

New Media Associate

Competitive Enterprise Institute