freekeenenews - Activist to Possess Marijuana in Public!

Young Man to Possess Marijuana as a Protest Against Current Drug Laws

KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE – A young, 18 year old man will purposefully possess marijuana to incite his own arrest. At 1:00 PM on January 10, at 82 Main Street in Keene, New Hampshire, J. Andrew Carroll will illegally be in possession of marijuana as a protest against the drug laws of the country.

Echoing the thoughts of other liberty-loving people, Carroll says, “The drug war is an unconstitutional and inhumane breach of individual liberties which claims many victims, and dollars, each year.” Carroll claims he wants to “demonstrate the absurdity of putting a human being in jail for a crime with no victim.” He says the point is further demonstrated by the fact that he does not, personally, smoke marijuana, and only intends to possess it.

The war on drugs has garnered much public interest, as more and more people are becoming directly affected by it each day; and Carroll says that protesting the drug war in such a manner will bring even more attention to an already press-worthy issue. He also says the protest will “change some minds, somewhere” about the American government's War on Drugs.

As a member of the Free State Project (FSP), an organization which is attempting to get liberty-minded people to move to New Hampshire to aid in reducing the size and power of government, Carroll moved to the Granite State from California only a few months ago.