SEIA Joins Leading Solar Companies in Call for More Global Reliance on Solar

Washington – Today the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) joined leading solar energy companies who called on world leaders meeting at climate talks in Poland to emphasize carbon-free solar energy generation in any solution to combat global warming.


“Increasing the use of solar provides reliable, carbon-free energy while creating millions of new jobs. Solar is not only the cleanest technology, but also produces more jobs per megawatt (MW) of installed electricity capacity than any other source of energy” said John Stanton, executive vice president of SEIA.


To jump-start similar carbon-reduction efforts here at home, SEIA calls on Congress to include key solar provisions in the Obama Administration economic stimulus bill that could be passed as early as January.


“Properly crafted economic stimulus legislation presents our nation with the opportunity to invest in industries that create jobs, foster our energy independence, improve our security and reduce our greatest environmental risk – global warming” added Stanton.


SEIA released its top priorities to be included in economic stimulus legislation that will be taken up by congress in January.


SEIA recommends Congress include the four following provisions in the stimulus package: 1) Improve the investment tax credit by making the credits refundable; 2) eliminate federal penalties levied upon preferred, below-market financing; 3) increase government procurement with a massive investment in solar energy technologies to power the federal government, and 4) revitalize America’s solar manufacturing base by enacting tax credits for the purchase of manufacturing equipment used to produce solar products here at home.