Jeb Bradley Honored for Veterans Support

American Legion Post 27 & Moore-Mart Present Bradley with Certificate of Appreciation

Londonderry, NH-- In honor of his hard work and dedication fighting for veterans issues while a United States Congressman, Jeb Bradley accepted a Certificate of Appreciation, Monday night. The award was presented by American Legion Post 27, Londonderry & The Moore-Mart Resource Team.

“I am honored and humbled to accept this certificate." said Bradley. 

Chuck Mitchell is a past Commander of American Legion Post 27 and member of the Moore-Mart Resource Team -- a private organization dedicated to providing care packages for NH military members deployed overseas. Joining with the American Legion Post 27 to present the Certificate, Mitchell said, “Jeb Bradley as a Congressman and now as a private citizen has always championed for veterans issues. As a member of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, Jeb worked tirelessly to advance our interests in areas such as healthcare and disability pay. We are here to honor Jeb for the dedication and service he has always provided to our service members.”

Bradley has a successful history fighting for Veterans rights. While a member of Congress, Jeb offered amendments to the Congressional Budget Resolution that increased veterans’ health care funding-- increasing the budget authority for veterans’ health care by $795 million in 2007 and by nearly $4 billion over five years. He successfully fought to reject a 2006 proposal to raise enrollment fees for TRICARE, the Military Health Systems health care program for active duty military and their families.

Here in NH, Jeb advocated against restricting emergency room hours of operation at the Manchester VA Medical Center, introduced legislation requiring chiropractic care at that and all other VA facilities and helped to bring a new community-Based Outpatient Clinic to Rochester.