NRCC - Paul Hodes Put Partisanship above Protecting America

Hodes and His Left-Wing Allies Voted Against National Security, Blocking Bipartisan FISA Legislation

Washington- Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-02) decided to play political games instead of protecting America today when he voted repeatedly to block a vote on the Senate’s bipartisan FISA legislation (House Roll Call 48 and 53).

The current FISA law will expire this Saturday, February 16, but Hodes continues to stall on passing permanent FISA legislation, leaving our intelligence community hamstrung with 30-year-old laws. The Director of National Intelligence expressed the urgent need for permanent FISA legislation:

“The failure to update this law comes at an increasingly steep price. The congressional joint inquiry into the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks recognized that there were systemic problems with covering communications of potential terrorists.” (Washington Post, 5/21/07)

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial that makes the case clear exactly why FISA reform is critical and urgent:

“The Senate takes up wiretapping of foreign terrorists this week, and the stakes couldn't be higher. Not only for the ability of our spooks to eavesdrop on al Qaeda, but also regarding Congressional and judicial intrusion into Presidential war powers.” (Wall Street Journal, 2/11/08)

Paul Hodes continues to add onto his already atrocious national security record:

  • Voted for weak FISA legislation which failed to ensure that the intelligence community had all necessary tools available in order to carry out their surveillance duties when the United States is at risk of an imminent attack (House Roll Call 1119)
  • Voted for Democrats’ FISA legislation which would have reopened the terrorist loophole in our intelligence laws and would endanger our national security (House Roll Call 1120)
  • Voted to burden American taxpayers with wasteful and useless earmarks at the expense of important funding for our nation’s intelligence programs (House Roll Call 1125)

“The voters of New Hampshire sent Hodes to Congress to strengthen our national security, not weaken it, and Hodes has failed to do so at every turn,” said NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger. “The repercussions of Hodes' attempts to hamstring those who defend us will be obvious on Election Day.”

Despite the pressing need for permanent FISA legislation, Paul Hodes continues to put politics over Americans’ national security.