NRCC - Paul Hodes and House Democrats Play Political Chicken with America's Security

Skips Town without Passing Bipartisan FISA Legislation

Washington- After continually blocking a vote on bipartisan FISA legislation this week, Paul Hodes (NH-02) and the Democrats are leaving town without reauthorizing the Protect America Act, stranding our law enforcement with outdated laws and simultaneously putting millions of American lives in danger. House Republican leaders and the President of the United States said that they were committed to remaining in Washington until the people’s business is done, but Paul Hodes and the Democrats have chosen inaction and are skipping town, allowing the current FISA law to expire this Saturday, February 16, 2008.

“Paul Hodes and his Democrat Party in Washington proved once again today that they have completely squandered their new majority in favor of political games, reckless tactics and an extremely liberal legislative agenda,” NRCC Communications Director Jessica Boulanger said. “Delaying a vote on this critical legislation is completely irresponsible.”
Today’s National Review summarized the current situation:

“Here is the bottom line: The legal authority for the United States intelligence community to collect foreign intelligence — information that protects Americans from terrorist attacks and that our soldiers in harm’s way rely on to do their duty — will expire at midnight on Friday. And Democrats are perfectly willing to allow that to happen.” (National Review, February 14, 2008)

When will Paul Hodes and the Democrat Congress stop playing political chicken with American lives and our country’s security?