Political Chowder - Sun. February 17 Constitutional Amendment, Pay Day Loans, Potomac Primaries, Sununu vrs. Shaheen

Education funding - constitutional amendment # 12. Or is that 13?  We have got to be a double digits for sure!
Cap Pay Day Loans...Guess what the Governor is thinking?
More job losses in Coos County
Recession looms
McCain embraces torture - What happened on the way to the nomination?
Mitt endorses McCain

  All this and more, Sunday @ 11a.m. on Political Chowder


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Part One - Amending the Constitution

Nate Greenberg - Londonderry Superintendent
Charlie Arlinghaus - President Josiah Bartlett Center
State Senator Ted Gatsas - Republican Leader

State Representative Chris Hamm - V. Chair Ways & Means

Part Two - The Week in Rewind

Attorney Mark Fernald - former gubernatorial candidate
Attorney Brad Cook - columnist NH Business Review
State Senator Ted Gatsas

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