Mac Attack on CafePress

In light of McCain's big win this week, I thought you and your readers may be interested to know that, a marketplace of user-generated products, saw a 37% increase last week in the creation of McCain campaign products (t-shirts, buttons, yard signs, etc). That number will likely rise as he emerges as the GOP frontrunner headed into Super Duper Tuesday.

Check out some these creative McCain products on!

You can track McCain on the CafePress Meter, a new tool that tracks and compares the sales and creation of presidential-candidate related products created by everyday folks. 

McCain Isn’t the Only One Winning Primaries

On CafePress, Hillary is winning the "Anti-Primary": since November, CafePress has sold 16 times more Anti-Hillary products than Anti-Obama products. Hillary has actually sold more "anti" products than any other candidate since George W. Bush did in the 2004 election cycle.

Feel free to share the above links with your readers, who may like these products.

Additionally, please feel free to email me with any questions. CafePress is a client, so I may update you in the future with other McCain trends happening through the CafePress marketplace.

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