Too Much Spending + Property Tax + Income Tax =The End of New Hampshire Advantage

Pro-Income Tax Group wants to turn New Hampshire into just another state

Manchester - The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition (NHAC) today shines light on an operation to impose an income tax on the citizens of New Hampshire. The so called Granite State "Fair Tax" Coalition would strip away the most honest and ethical thing most politicians do during their entire campaign, enter into a contract with their constituents. With the pledge, a candidate says I want you to know exactly where I stand on implementing any new broad based taxes. History has shown us that adding a tax to lower a tax is an equation that just doesn't add up.

"I would agree with those who say their property taxes are too high; however the equation of adding new taxes to lower other taxes just doesn't add up. What you get in the end is, exactly what every other state and municipality that have tried this have gotten; higher taxes," said Mike Biundo, Chairman NHAC, he continued "What we need to do at both a local and state level is get control of spending. Communities across New Hampshire have tackled high property taxes and municipalities like Manchester are reversing trends by applying fiscal discipline and passing tax cuts".

NHAC plans to provide local communities with a spending cap mechanism on the ballot in the fall. Out of control spending is a chief concern on the minds of residents, NHAC grassroots team will be teaming with local taxpayer groups, getting signatures and expecting people to speak loud and clear on local spending concerns.

"It is apparent Mr. Henle is not aware of New Hampshire's traditions or our way of life. In every poll I have seen, somewhere around 70% of voters have rejected broad based tax solutions, and the political graveyard is wrought with aspiring politicians who tried similar tactics. Just ask Jeanne Shaheen how her sales tax idea went over in her last senate race or Mark Fernald on his income tax proposal when he ran for Governor. " Continued Mike Biundo

"With a half billion in additional spending passed by this legislature and signed by our Governor and a looming $150 million dollar deficit, it should be clear if we cannot afford something, we shouldn't propose it," said NHAC Spokesman Roger Wilkins, he continues "We need to be better managers with public money, unfortunately Governor Lynch and the freshman leadership running this state have a long way to go and maybe a few more classes to get this right," concluded NHAC spokesman Roger Wilkins.

The last time a poll was conducted by ARG on the topic of a statewide income tax the results oppose Henle's radical view with 69% overwhelmingly opposing the income tax as a way to fund education. New Hampshire has a significant history of opposing this type of tax with an average of 70% in this decade. The people's voice is clear.


The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition's goal is to preserve and protect the New Hampshire way of life with the underlying goal of local control, no sales or income tax and electing representatives of the people who vow to keep taxes low and limit spending. The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition vows to make public those in Concord who move to destroy New Hampshire's traditions and our way of life