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February 28, 2008

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VIDEO: Where's the Warming?

CEI’s latest online video spot, Where’s the Warming?, challenges global warming alarmists to justify their calls for restrictions on energy use. Carbon dioxide from man's energy use has continued to increase in the atmosphere in recent years, but recent studies show that average global temperatures have not.


Stay Poor
by William Yeatman

It’s bad enough when European and American politicians desperate to “do something” about global warming appear willing to sacrifice economic growth in their own countries. Now they are ready forsake the world’s poorest citizens, too.


Reaping the Wind

by Julie Walsh

Citizens in Florida are outraged as they discover their power company’s true motivations for windmills and the costs to themselves.


“Privacy” Laws Handcuff Police Searching for Murderers

by Hans Bader

Helen Smith writes about how California privacy laws kept police from searching for potential suspects in the killing of a psychologist.


“Privacy” Shouldn’t Be Taken to An Extreme
by Hans Bader

“Privacy deserves protection, but not to an extreme — particularly when it comes at the expense of civil liberties, public safety, and the rights of other citizens. Creating new privacy rights often comes at a cost. A mental patient stabbed a doctor in New York yesterday, but police were delayed in locating the culprit.”


America: Still the Land of Opportunity
by Hans Bader

”’In a test of the American Dream, Adam Shepard started life from scratch with the clothes on his back and twenty-five dollars. Ten months later, he had an apartment, a car, and a small savings.’”


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