NH GOP - How Will Gov Shaeen and Gov Lynch Vote on the Pledge?

CONCORD – In the coming weeks, voters in Madbury, Hopkinton, and other New Hampshire towns will vote on a resolution condemning The Pledge against broad based taxes. New Hampshire Republicans wonder, how will Gov. Shaheen and Gov. Lynch vote on this issue?

“Jeanne Shaheen took The Pledge to get elected governor, but then she changed her position, abandoned The Pledge, and proposed a new, 2.5 percent sales tax instead. I guess you’d have to say Shaheen was for The Pledge before she was against it,” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of the NewHampshire Republican Party.

“Since Shaheen has been on both sides of the issue in the past, voters might wonder which side she’s on today. So which is it this time? Will she vote for or against The Pledge in Madbury next month?”

“And how will Governor Lynch vote in Hopkinton? Will he ever stand up to the left wing of his party to tell them they are wrong about something, or does his continued silence signal agreement with them? Is The Pledge a good thing for a New Hampshire, or a bad thing?”

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301