NRCC - Paul Hodes Rejects Child and Marriage Tax Relief for Middle-Class Families

Hodes Votes to Kill Motion to Make Tax Relief Permanent

Washington- Rep. Paul Hodes (NH-02) made the wrong choice for his district yesterday when he voted against a motion that would have made the child tax credit and marriage penalty relief permanent. The tax relief Paul Hodes voted against is critical to the hard-working middle-class families in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District, especially at a time of economic uncertainty.

Specifically, Hodes voted in lock-step with his liberal Democrat leaders to kill a motion that would have permanently done away with the onerous marriage penalty and extended the $1,000 child tax credit (House Roll Call 83).

“Paul Hodes once again failed the constituents of New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District and sided with his liberal tax-and-spend leaders in Washington,” said NRCC Spokesman Ken Spain. “The last thing American families need is a representative who is not willing to stand up for tax relief for hard-working families.”

It is clear that Paul Hodes' priorities are firmly grounded in the wants of his liberal leadership in Washington. Paul Hodes will be held accountable by the voters for his vote to reject sensible tax breaks for the families and children who need relief the most.