NENF- "The Big Gamble," March 11; SuperTuesday news share


New Internet tools are making it easier and easier to share information. NENF is working with a startup company,, founded by Scott Karp, a former web strategists at The Atlantic Monthly. For the next week, we hope you'll register for this test and bookmark links to news and commentary about SuperTuesday primary races in Massachusetts and Connecticut. For more information about this initiative, see:


The decision by Massachusetts Gov. Duval Patrick to seek approval for three casinos in Massachusetts raises important questions for the media and the public. To explore this subject, the NENF has partnered with Quinnipiac University to stage a free, public evening symposium on Tues., March 11, in Hamden, Conn.: "The Big Gamble: The Costs, Benefits and Coverage of Casinos." Participants will include Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, Massachusetts Economic Development Secretary Dan O'Connell, journalists, researchers and the president of the Foxwoods Resort Casino. For details, and to register for a pre-event reception and film screening, go to:

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