CONCORD – New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen issued three actuality releases in advance of the results of the “Super Tuesday” primaries and caucuses. Please find attached the associated audio files for your consideration.

Actuality #1: Senator Hillary Clinton (:18) – “Senator Clinton said she would support our troops in Iraq, but then she voted against critical funding. Senator Clinton says she’s fiscallyresponsible, but she’s proposed nearly a trillion dollars in new government spending, and says she wants to quote ‘take things away fromyou on behalf of the common good.’ How can we trust Senator Clinton to lead America?”

Actuality #2: Senator Barack Obama (:28) – “Barack Obama was elected to the US Senate just three years ago and has had his eye on the White House ever since. Now he’s calling himself an agent of change, but what kind of change? He voted against funding our troops, he voted in favor of the largest tax increase in history, and he wants new government bureaucracies to play a greater and more expensive role in our health care system. That’s not the kind of change voters are looking for and it’s further proof that Barack Obama is not ready to be Commander-in-Chief.”

Actuality #3: On the Democrats (:25) – “It looks as if the Democrats may take weeks or months to choose their nominee, but the American people have already made their decision clear. They’re going to support principled leaders who support our troops, keep taxes low, and keep government out of their hair. Unfortunately, Senators Clinton and Barack Obama both voted for the largest tax increase in America, attempted to choke off funding for our troops, and proposed massive government spending increases. That’s not principled leadership.”

Barney Keller

Press Secretary

NH Republican State Committee