DSCC - Sen Sununu Casts Deciding Vote Against Tax Rebates For Seniors and Veterans

Republican Opposes Stimulus Package with Increased LIHEAP Funds, Unemployment Insurance

Republican Senator John Sununu cast the deciding vote today against a bipartisan economic stimulus bill that would send checks of at least $500 totaxpayers, including seniors and disabled veterans. The bill Sununu opposed for the second time in a week would also extend unemployment insurance for the long-term unemployed, provide tax breaks to businesses to spur investments and prevent layoffs, and add $1 billion for heating assistance to help families meet high energy bills. Sununu says he instead supports a version of the bill passed by the House of Representative which would exclude 20 million seniors and disabled veterans from receiving rebates, and does not include the extended unemployment insurance, heating assistance funds, or extension of tax incentives to increase clean energy and energy efficiency.

“With the economy teetering on the edge of recession and NewHampshire families worried about their future, John Sununu today cast the deciding vote against jump starting the economy and against tax rebates for those who need it most,” DSCC spokesman Matthew Miller said. “Sununu claims he supports a stimulus bill, but for some reason he doesn’t believe senior citizens and veterans deserve the same tax rebates as other Americans. Veterans and senior citizens are being hit hard by the economic downturn, and they deserve to be apart of the economic recovery package, and not left on the sidelines by politicians like John Sununu.”

Sununu Votes Against Benefits for Seniors, Veterans and Unemployed. John Sununu voted against legislation to provide rebates for seniors and disabled veterans who would be completely left out of the House plan he claims he supports. The bill also provides 13 weeks of additional unemployment insurance benefits, helps low-income Americans afford the rising costs of heating their homes, and helps struggling small businesses. [Vote 8, 2/6/08]