NH GOP - Statement on Special Election Results in Rockingham 15

CONCORD – NH GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen issued the following statement inresponse to results of the special election for State Representative in Rockingham’s 15th district. Republican Chris Nevins won the seat yesterday with over 57% of the vote. Republicans lost four of the five previously Republican-held seats in this district during the 2006 elections.

NH GOP Chairman Fergus Cullen said, “The New Hampshire Republican Party extends our congratulations to Chris Nevins for running a great campaign. It’s easy to read too much into Special Election results, but this victory points to the fact that 2008 will be an equilibrium election. In 2006, the political pendulum swung too far to the left in New Hampshire and we lost seats like this one in Hampton where Republicans can perform well. Fiscal responsibility was a major issue in this race. Gov Lynch and the Democrats in Concord have demonstrated that they are the party of higher taxes, higher spending, budget deficits, and fiscal mismanagement. If Chris Nevins’ election is any indication, Democrats will have a tough time holding on to their already tenuous grip on the legislature this November.”

From the Hampton Union : “Democrats rode disfavor of President Bush and federal Republicans to victory in 2006 that gave them majority control of the state. Despite proclamations from Democrats that they crafted a responsible budget, the $50 million deficit falls to them. Even if their revenue projections were sound but felled by unforeseen elements of a national recession and unanticipated prolonged softening of the housing market, the deficit is theirs. Many state Democrat candidates in 2006, took up the traditional Republican position of fiscal conservatism that would keep the state in the black. They collectively failed to deliver on that campaign promise. So, the choice in this election is the Republican. Based on the first term of Democrats' control, Concord could use another Republican. If the two are going to espouse Republican fiscal conservatism, at least that of the Granite State, wouldn't independent voters be better off voting for the candidate of that party?” (Editorial, “Spending Makes Nevins Choice For Hampton’s State Rep.” The Hampton Union , February 1, 2008)

Barney Keller

Press Secretary

NH Republican State Committee