NH State Senator Announces His Bid for 2nd Congressional District Seat

Concord, NH - Before a crowd of friends, family and NH political, business and civic leaders, State Senator Bob Clegg(R-Hudson) announced he is running for the 2nd District U.S.Congressional seat currently held by Paul Hodes.

"People no longer want to listen to a chorus of partisan bickering and neither do I," Clegg told the crowd. "We want a strong country to leave for our children. One that allows them to pursue their dreams the same way we pursued our own. They simply ask that we leave them with a nation that is just a little bit better than we found it."

"Our economy is becoming stifled from over regulation,over taxation and over spending," Clegg said. "Families are struggling from paycheck to paycheck. Small businesses, which are the backbone of our economy, are having trouble making it. We need to make our government leaner, we need to encourage job creation, and we need to put more money in our pockets instead of the government treasury. This is the New Hampshire way and it should be the Washington way."

Clegg discussed the need to change our healthcare system from one that waits to treat the catastrophic condition to one that treats the cause and works on prevention; weaning our nation off its dependence on foreign oil and becoming energy independent; securing our borders; and reforming our immigration system remembering that we are a nation built by immigrants and that a broken system serves no one.

Clegg also talked about veterans' issues: "We must treat our returning members of the military with the honor and dignity they deserve for protecting our freedoms. We must make good our promise to take care of those who come home injured or in need of help. There should be no higher priority than caring for our veterans."

Clegg announced his candidacy at The Political Library in Concord, NH and the King's Court & Banquet Hall in his hometown of Hudson, NH.

Media wishing to speak with Bob Clegg may do so by contacting Alicia Preston at the email or phone number listed below.

Complete text of his speech is available at www.cleggforcongress.com

Alicia Preston