AUFC - Sununu Casts Deciding Vote Against Major Boost to LIHEAP

With a Recession on the Horizon, Sununu Casts the Deciding Vote Against the Bipartisan Economic Stimulus Package that Featured a Major Boost for LIHEAP and Relief for Low-Income New Hampshire Seniors and Disabled Veterans

We’ve Seen it Before, We’ll See it Again: Sununu Once Again Puts Party Politics Ahead of Best Interests of New Hampshire

The Senate plan attracted the votes of all 51 Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents, as well as of eight Republicans, but that was not enough. It was clear the Democrats would fall short when Sen. JohnE. Sununu (R-N.H.), whom they had been courting for days, registered his opposition late in the tally. – WashingtonPost, 2/7/08

Washington D.C. -- As struggling New Hampshire families brace for the worsening economic downturn, Sen. John Sununu cast the deciding vote late Wednesday against a bipartisan $158 billion economic stimulus plan in the Senate that included additional relief for 21.5 million low-income senior citizens, 250,000 wounded and disabled veterans, as well a $1billion boost to the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

“At a time when more and more New Hampshire families are struggling to make ends meet in this worsening economy, Senator Sununu chose onceagain to put party loyalty first and supported the Republican-led filibuster against economic relief for those who need it most: low-income seniors, disabled veterans and families unable to keep up with record high heating oil prices. There are more than a few New Hampshire families that fall under the latter and could have really used that extra help paying the heating bills,” said Jeremy Funk, spokesman for Americans United for Change.

“We’veseen it before, and we’ll see it again,” added Funk. “Senator Sununu has a long history of standing with his party and this President over what’s best for New Hampshire -- whether it was voting against the first boost the minimum wage in a decade; or rubberstamping Bush’s tax cuts for the rich that never trickled-down to the folks who really needed it; or casting the deciding vote against comprehensive bipartisan energy legislation to significantly reduce our nation’s addiction to foreign oil, which he did at the behest of the big oil companies that have contributed over$200,000 to the Senator’s campaign coffers.”

“John Sununu has consistently rubberstamped the failed Bush economic policies that have led to the tough economic conditions millions of Americans are enduring today, from rising unemployment, the subprime mortgage crisis, record high heating oil prices, the largest increase in inflation in 17 years, gas prices hovering above $3 a gallon, a weakening dollar and the exploding deficit. Last night, Senator Sununu had an opportunity to help bring relief to those suffering under the failed economic policies he embraced – and he himself failed miserably.”