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Thoughts from Super Tuesday
From  Marc Ambinder: Ouch, but True (A story of campaign cash)
Barack Obama: "change we can believe in"
Hillary Clinton: needs a can to leave change in.
Can McCain survive the attack of the TALKERS?
What's up with the Maine caucus?
Do the Dems face a national convention?

Is the FairPoint - Verizon Deal a good deal for consumers?
Clegg, Steiner, Horn - Watch out Hodes, the Republicans are coming!
A glossy mailing from Hell - Republicans take issue with congressional mailings
Private bridge killed in Nashua
Pulp Non-Fiction - Saying goodbye to a mill and a paper driven economy.

  All this and more, Sunday @ 11a.m. on Political Chowder


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Part One - The Week in Rewind

Kevin Landrigan, Political Reporter Nashua Telegraph
Jeff Feingold, Editor NH Business Review

Part Two - The North Country Challenge

Commissioner Brothers - NH Employment Security
Michael Vlasich - State Economic Development Director

Part Three - Pulp Non-fiction (losing a Mill...the nature of the loss)

Charlotte Sheltry - GREAT President (Groveton Regional Economic Action Team)
Ronald LaFlamme - mill worker of 32 years (laid off)

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