Manchester Republicans' Call on the Board of Alderman to join Mayor Guinta in Protecting the Taxpayers

Manchester Republicans Call on the Board of Alderman to join Mayor Guinta in Protecting the Taxpayers

With the City of Manchester starting off with $12.3 million less revenue going into this fiscal year, the Manchester Republican Committee is urging the Board of Mayor and Alderman to do what every family and business would do when faced with the same situation, cut spending.

"This is exactly the worst time to consider a tax increase," said John Castelot, Chairman of the MRC, "With the cost of health care, food and gasoline skyrocketing, the board of Alderman need to heed Mayor Guinta's warnings and work with him to find the necessary spending cuts."

In an election year move and in a attempt to one up Mayor Guinta's fiscally sound budget that included a tax cut, last year, Democrats on the BMA, led by Alderman-at-Large Mike Lopez, raided a one-time fund for $3.5 million.

That money, with the loss of $5 million in tuition money due to Bedford students leaving West High School, makes up the bulk of the shortfall.

The unwillingness of Democrats to make hard decisions last year set up the city for a tough financial position this year, according to Castelot.

"Thanks a lot, Mike," Castelot said, "After years of voting for every tax hike proposed by the Baines administration, you chose to feed your insatiable need to spend by playing budgetary games with $3.5 million of the taxpayers money."

"The Alderman need to work with Mayor Guinta and do what business and taxpayers do every day when faced with financial challenges, and that's cut spending, "said Tammy Simmons, MRC Treasurer, "Rather than force people to give even more of their earnings or risk losing their homes, the Aldermen should take a hard look at the budget and focus on saving every possible penny."

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