NHAC - Big Surprise... New Hampshire Voters Don't Like High Taxes

CONCORD - This afternoon the famed tax and spend leaders at The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition hailed victory as small crowds voted in favor of their warrant article campaign. What they didn't tell you is that outside of their masquerade party, those same crowds voted down big dollar spending proposals and initiatives all across the state.

"We think it's telling that all over New Hampshire taxpayers are saying no to the out of control spending in Concord and in their communities. It is unfortunate that The Granite State "Fair Tax" Coalition's is using their masquerade party as a way to prey on those same taxpayers fears of higher taxes ." said Mike Biundo

Mike Biundo is Chairman of New Hampshire Advantage Coalition which represents a membership of well over 1,500 citizens who fight to protect New Hampshire's traditions and our way of life in small government, less spending and low taxes.

Spokesman Roger Wilkins said, "We instituted a target campaign of education and notifying taxpayers across New Hampshire about Mark's vision for New Hampshire, and the tax and spend crowd supporting him," Wilkins continued "With 13 communities rejecting his vision, we feel it is imperative we continue to build momentum and tell all taxpayers about their desperate attempt to get the income tax."

Chairman Biundo responded, "I would agree with those who say their property taxes are too high; however the equation of adding new taxes to lower other taxes just doesn't add up. Mel Thomson is famous for saying, low taxes are the result of low spending and those words still ring true today."