Website for Research on the Issue of SB-2

I am writing to make you aware of a website that I have built about SB-2.

It is intended to be an unbiased source for information on the subject. My goal is to allow people to do THEIR OWN research on the issue of SB-2 and make up their own minds.

To my knowledge, there is no other such site. When I wanted to do my own research on the subject, it took me weeks to get all of the information. I decided that I would compile it all into one easy to use website.

I would be interested in your opinion of the site, as well as any suggestions to make it even better.

Thank You Kindly for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Don Chase
227 Loudon Road
Pittsfield, NH 03263

Click Here ----> to access SB2 website