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National Ad Campaign Targets Gore, Global Warming Policies by Christine Hall CEI this week launched a new national ad campaign criticizing Al Gore and his advocacy group, Alliance for Climate Protection. The 60-second ad calls into question the draconian energy restrictions advocated by Gore, the impact of those policies on the poor, especially the peoples of the Third World, and the hypocrisy of the lavish lifestyles led by Gore and many of his Hollywood friends. http://cei.org/gencon/003,06435.cfm

Danish Government Paid Scientists to Dispute Bjørn Lomborg
by Lene Johansen The Danish Energy Department paid a researcher to promote their climate policy strategy in debates with Bjørn Lomborg. Peter Laut billed about 500 hours of work to the Energy Department a year during the previous administration in Denmark. The other member of the Energy Department’s climate advisory group was sued for libel after he accused a documentary film maker of being “paid for by the oil industry.” http://globalwarming.org/node/1852

Schwarzenegger’s Gigantic Carbon Footprint
by William Yeatman
On Friday, the LA Times reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has made a political career of fighting climate change, commutes by jet to his office in Sacramento. Of course, that’s not very climate-conscious of the governor. According to figures compiled by the Helium Report, the governor’s Gulfstream jet does nearly as much damage to the environment in one hour as a small car does in a year, according, an online publication for buyers of luxury items. If Schwarzenegger keeps this up, he soon might match Al Gore’s gigantic carbon footprint. http://www.globalwarming.org/node/1829

Maybe She Could Drive the Flintstone’s Car
by Wayne Crews Funny how the biggest beneficiaries of combustion often like to get behind laws that will hinder the rest of society, but them–not so much. NASCAR driver Leilani Munter has decided that you should be subject to the Climate Security Act, a sweeping piece of legislation, dissected here, that will help the developing world stay poor in the bargain. As for another beneficiary of the energy economy, be sure to check out CEI ’s National Press Club event tomorrow contrasting Al Gore’s lifestyle with the way he wants others to live. http://www.globalwarming.org/node/1822

The Cap and Trade Cash Cow
by Julie Walsh I believe that even if the case for catastrophic anthropogenic global warming was completely disproved, some groups will never give it up. The reason is this: advocates of big government need lots of money for their government programs. Policies such as universal health care are hardly cheap, and “pay-go” is very restrictive. http://www.globalwarming.org/node/1783

Thailand’s Patented Bulls#!t Kills People
by Lene Johansen Thailand’s health minister announces plans to ignore more drug patents, thus continuing the policy from the previous military dictatorship it replaced. The Thai government was not able to produce medications that satisfied the WHO requirements during a four year trial, which lead to AIDS patients becoming resistant to level 1 treatments, and not the Thai government is expanding the production with more patented medication. The result is that the goverment cronies gets their salaries paid for off the back of patient’s lives. http://www.openmarket.org/2008/03/11/thailand%e2%80%99s-patented-bullst-kills-people/

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