RNC - McCain wants to paint blue states (including NH) red

Maverick wants to paintblue states red


Key excerpt:

“ Thoughstill very early in the planning stages, McCain aides have begun eyeing between20 and 25 states that could be competitive, a list that includes some placesthat are anything but rock-ribbed conservative. Next month, they’ll makethis case symbolically by sending the candidate on adifferent-kind-of-Republican tour into places where party members typicallydon’t tread.

By virtue of his maverick brand, nontraditional stances on key issues and hisWestern roots, McCain may be able to compete in states that were far out ofreach for Bush and that have otherwise been trending away from Republicans.This potential, say McCain strategists and other Republicans, could amount tothe GOP’s ace in the hole in an otherwise dismal political climate.”

Liz Mair
Online Communications Director, eCampaign Division
Republican National Committee
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