Bradley Campaign - House Votes to Support Largest Tax Hike in History

Jeb Bradley Posts New Blog Demonstrating Impact on New Hampshire Taxpayers

Wolfeboro, NH – 1st District Congressional Candidate, Jeb Bradley, has posted his latest blog which addresses the impact of last night’s congressional budget vote on the American tax payer.


“As Americans struggle with rising costs for mortgages, energy, food , and health care, another big hit to American’s wallets comes closer every day. In order to fund the dramatic spending increases in the House Democratic Budget passed last night, Americans face the largest tax increase in our nation’s history.”

“This budget, that Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes both voted for, presumes the tax cuts I supported are not extended---meaning that Americans face a $683 billion tax hike starting in 2011.”

“--- New Hampshire taxpayers will confront an average $3200 tax increase under this Democratic budget.”

Please log on to Jeb’s website to read his entire statement on the impact this enormous spending increase will have on American taxpayers.

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