Horn Campaign - Budget Will Cost Jobs, Hodes Ignores Constituents AGAIN

NASHUA – Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, called for greater reform of the budget process.

“This budget is a disgrace. Congress just passed the largest tax increase in American History,” stated Horn. “With working families across New Hampshire worried about their jobs and their homes, Congress should be trying to get more money in people’s pockets – not finding ways to make things even tighter.“

The House last night passed a $3 trillion dollar budget with a vote of 212 to 207. Paul Hodes voted for it. This budget let the tax cuts expire, which equates to a tax increase of $3,100 to the average taxpayer in 2nd Congressional District alone. Working families are taxed enough.

Horn continued: “This budget shows us that Congress has once again failed the American people by putting their interests ahead of our interests. And where was Paul Hodes? Where was his leadership? When did he stand-up and say ‘enough is enough, my constituents can’t afford this tax increase?’ Sadly, he stood with the Washington politicians over the people of New Hampshire. It is time to get America’s financial house in order. Career politicians have made a mess of Washington, it time to give someone else a chance.”

As a member of Congress, Jennifer Horn will: (1) fight to keep taxes low; (2) work to end wasteful government spending; and (3) work to balance the federal budget.

Making the Tax Code Work for Working Families. Congress is taking too much of our hard earned tax dollars. Congress continues to show they can't spend the tax dollars responsibly and they don't need anymore of our money. As a member of Congress, Jennifer Horn will fight for the American Taxpayer and will never vote to raise taxes.

Repealing the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts equates to a tax increase of $3,100 to the average taxpayer in 2nd Congressional District alone. Working families are taxed enough.

Jennifer Horn supports making the tax cuts permanent, including repealing the death tax, ending the marriage penalty and keeping the per child tax credit because she says people should  keep more of what they earn.

Fighting the Spendthrift Congress. Congress spends too much of our hard-earned money. Jennifer Horn pledges to the voters of the 2nd District that she will fight to end wasteful government spending and pork-barrel legislation. Because of earmarks, the budget has ballooned and Washington has become more accountable to the special interests than the voters. Jennifer Horn supports ending the process of earmarking and will work to restore oversight and authorization to the Budget Process.

Tighter Budget Rules for Congress. The people of the 2nd District have to balance their check-books at the end of the month,and so should Congress. American families expect the government to wisely manage the dollars they send to Washington. As responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, the federal government must respect the bottom line, just as families do when balancing their own checkbooks.

Jennifer Horn supports a Balanced Budget Constitutional amendment where any surplus be would used to supplement the emergency fund, paydown the national debt, and pay for spending within the budget cap.