NH GOP - Carol Shea-Porter Wrong on the Second Amendment

As The U.S. Supreme Court Hears A Challenge To The D.C. Gun Ban,

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter Fails To Support Second Amendment Rights

Today, The Supreme Court Will Hear Oral Arguments In District Of Columbia v. Heller - A Challenge To The Constitutionality Of Washington, D.C.’s Gun Ban

Washington D.C.’s Gun Law Is “A Ban On Having Handguns At Home For Self-Defense.” “For more than 30 years, the District of Columbia has had the nation’s strictest gun-control law -- a ban on having handguns at home for self-defense. On Tuesday [March 18], the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to that law from those who say it violates the 2nd Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms.” (David G. Savage, “Supreme Court To Hear Challenge To D.C. Gun Law,” Los Angeles Times , 3/17/08)

The Case, District Of Columbia v. Heller, Was Brought By A Security Guard Who Could Not Keep A Handgun In His Home For Self-Defense. “The matter of handguns in the city is before the Supreme Court now because of a security guard, Dick Anthony Heller, who thought it was the height of hypocrisy that he could carry a handgun to defend a federal building but could not keep one in his home to defend himself. The Second Amendment case, the District of Columbia v. Heller, No. 07-290, is the first to go before the Supreme Court since 1939.” (Tom Knott, Op-Ed, “D.C.Handgun-Ban Backers Oblivious To Reality,” The Washington Times , 2/21/08)

A Bipartisan Coalition Of Over 300 Members Of Congress Has Urged The Supreme Court To Overturn D.C. Gun Ban, With Shea-Porter Conspicuous In Her Absence

“The Number Of Federal LawMakers ... Is Thought To Be The Largest Ever To Weigh In On A Topic With The High Court.” “[In February, 2008] 55 senators and 250 members of the House signed onto a brief calling for the Supreme Court to overturn the D.C. gun ban by affirming the circuit court decision. The number of federal lawmakers, including 228 Republicans and 77 Democrats, is thought to be the largest ever to weigh in on a topic with the high court, at least in recent years.” (GaryEmerling, “Nation Awaits D.C. Handgun Ruling,” The Washington Times, 3/17/08)

Shea-Porter Did Not Sign On to The Brief. (StephenP. Halbrook, Brief for Amici Curiae 55 Members of United States Senate, the President of the United States Senate, and 250 Members of United States House of Representatives in Support of Respondent, District of Columbia, Et Al., v. Dick Anthony Heller)

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