CAACP - Liberty Day 2008


Representatives from the CAACP attended the New Hampshire Liberty Day - 2 gathering at the State Capitol on March 12, 2008 . Representatives participated in the event so they could share the voices and concerns of many New Hampshire residents regarding various bills under consideration bythe legislature as well as other issues.

CAACP Officials from Merrimack ,Hillsborough, and Cheshire Counties met with several NH State Representatives during the Liberty Day - 2 gathering and expressed opinions and concerns with them. Even Governor John Lynch took time to personally meet with CAACP Officials and hear the concerns of "the average resident".

Often times residents complain about increased taxes, enactment of laws that create hardships, and general acts of corruption or misconduct carried out by political leaders. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the people who complain do little or nothing to take corrective action.

In Jaffrey for instance, many people have complained about increases in taxes and the misconduct of Town Officials. Even so, four out of five registered voters did not participate in the recent municipal elections. Even fewer people take the time to participate in Town Meeting.

Just recently, the NH Attorney General's Office released a letter stating, "In many regards the conduct of Jaffrey officials fell short of the ideal conduct of government and in some instances conduct fell short of what is appropriate". That opinion was issued after CAACP Board members reported various incidents to the NHAG alleging acts of misconduct and unethical behavior carried out by Jaffrey elected and appointed officials. Then Jaffrey Police Chief, Martin Dunn,who confirmed Town Officials committed various unethical acts, supported the allegations.

The CAACP has complained in the past that the people responsible for these "inappropriate" acts have unnecessarily cost Jaffrey taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, civil suit settlements and other acts of fiscal mismanagement. All these events have taken place in recent years, while the average taxpayer is struggling to meet the raising costs of everyday living. This behavior must stop.

The CAACP remains committed to standing up to the actions of corrupt public officials until corrective action is taken and behaviors change. The CAACP is the voice of many people opposed to the "good ole boy" method of doing business that exploits average residents while benefiting small groups of individuals, their relatives and special interest financial supporters.

Released by:

Jean "Mike" Coutu