NH GOP -- Shaheen's Iraq Flip-Flop

CONCORD – “Jeanne Shaheen continues to run from her past support of American intervention in Iraq,” said Fergus Cullen, New Hampshire Republican Chairman.

“Yesterday Shaheen put out a statement calling for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. But back in 2002, she talked about making a ‘long-term commitment’ and ‘staying there for as long as it takes.’”

“Back in 2002, Jeanne Shaheen campaigned as a strong supporter of military intervention in Iraq because she thought that position helped her politically. Today, she’s flip-flopped because she thinks her new position helps her politically,” Cullen said.

“New Hampshire doesn’t need a senator who walks around with her finger in the air, checking constantly to see which way the wind is blowing on any given day,” Cullen said.

TRANSCRIPT FROM CNN’S NOVAK, HUNT & SHIELDS- Interview with Jeanne Shaheen, aired September 21, 2002 (emphasis added):

HUNT: Final question on Iraq. If and when we overthrow Saddam, would you be supportive of an open-ended and expensive commitment to try to build a model of democracy in that country?

SHAHEEN: Look, if we're going to go into Iraq -- and again, I think we've got to keep all the options on the table -- we need to know what we're getting into and we need to be prepared to stay there for as long as it takes to make sure that the successor to Saddam Hussein, whatever that regime turns out to be, is going to be one that can build democratic institutions and provide stability in the country.

So we need to be looking at this through the long-term and recognizing, as we're beginning to in Afghanistan, that we've got to make the commitment not just to remove the government in power, but to help put a stabilized government in its place.


HUNT: And now the Big Question for Jeanne Shaheen. Governor, could you tell us one position that you've taken in this campaign that would require Americans, New Hampshire voters to make a real sacrifice?

SHAHEEN: Well, I think if we go into Iraq, that it will require sacrifice from people in this country. I think it does mean that we need to consider a long-term commitment there . It will require the dedication of resources. And that would mean that people in this country would have to support the effort and be willing to help sacrifice to make that happen. So I think that is something. That's why we need to have the support of the American people in doing that.

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301