Jennifer Horn Campaign: We Can Not Afford Bob Clegg in Congress

NASHUA– Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, issued the following statement in response to the Nashua Telegraph article about lobbyist and political contributions.

“The report in the Nashua Telegraph that Bob Clegg received more political contributions from lobbyists than any other lawmaker is both disturbing and revealing. Bob Clegg can offer many excuses, but nothing will hide the fact that as a State Senator, he is a friend to special interest. What makes us think in Congress he will be any different?

Another career politician can’t beat Paul Hodes. Voters are not going to substitute one politician for another I am the only candidate who can beat Paul Hodes in November.

People are tired of the backroom politicking of lawyers and professional politicians who feel more accountable to lobbyists than to their neighbors at home. We need to send someone who will represent the people over the lobbyist. We need someone in Congress who will fight for what is in the best interest of New Hampshire.

Congress is bloated - too big, too corrupt and too controlled by specia linterests. Just over a week ago, they passed a $3 trillion budget that included the largest tax increase in American history. The era of big government needs to end and with it, the backroom dealings. It is time we send a message to the career politicians that enough is enough. We are taking America back and it starts with New Hampshire. I am running for congress to renew the spirit of America and end the business as usual in Washington. This starts with neighbors serving neighbors.

When I am in Congress I pledge to the people of New Hampshire that I will fight to end the corruption and work to make Congress effective for the American people again.”