Horn Campaign Calls on State Senator to Return Lobbyist Money

NASHUA– Zack Condry, Campaign Manager for Jennifer Horn, said the following regarding State Senator Robert Clegg’s response to Jennifer Horn.

“ State Senator Clegg says that ‘Everyone knows I have an open mind and an open door and that's why people donate to my campaigns.’ However, it seems very peculiar rthat a Republican State Senator received the most money of any member of the Democratic-controlled legislature including the Democratic Senate President and the Democratic Speaker of the House.

When a State Senator Clegg-written bill passed the legislature, the lobbyist pushing it immediately gave State Senator Clegg’s campaign $1,000. When the public hears about that $1,000 transaction, it could definitely lead to perceived impropriety. That is why we are calling on State Senator Clegg to return all money received from lobbyists. Special interests are no way to fill your campaign coffers.”