GSFTC - Fair Tax Resolution Attacked in Push Poll

CONCORD, March 4, 2008 – The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition denounced tactics by a group calling itself the NH Advantage Coalition, which is conducting a push-poll characterizing the Fair Tax Resolution – on the warrant in 89 NH towns this spring - as a measure that will put an income and sales tax in place.

Contrary to information presented in the push-poll, no state law can be passed by local ballot measure on a town warrant, including tax policies.

“The Fair Tax Resolution is a simple, non-binding statement about unfair property taxes that was put on the ballot by local residents via the citizen petition process around the state,” said Paul Henle, executive director of the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition. “Voting yes on the Fair Tax Resolution in your town this month sends a message to Concord that the property tax is unfair, and that citizens in your town want your state reps, senator and the governor to do something about this problem. It asks these state leaders to stop taking an antiquated “pledge” against considering any alternatives to higher property taxes and get to work on a more fair tax system in NH – period.”

Henle pointed out that this resolution does not specify how state leaders should approach the problem, nor does the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition suggest any solution. The point of the resolution, he said, is to get state leaders to acknowledge the very real problems associated with rising property taxes and an over-reliance on a single source of revenue.

The property tax accounts for more than 60 percent of all state and local revenue in NH, double what that source provides in all other states.

“If you like the property tax, if you think it is fair and you don't mind that it is going up eight percent each year, that’s reason to vote no on the Fair Tax Resolution,” Henle said. “If you think it is time for change, or it is time to at least to consider options that will alleviate increasing property taxes, vote yes.”

The Fair Tax Resolution reads:

Resolved: We the citizens of this town believe in a New Hampshire that is just and fair. The property tax has become unjust and unfair. State leaders who take a pledge for no new taxes perpetuate higher and higher property taxes. We call on our State Representatives, our State Senator and our Governor to reject the “Pledge,” have an open discussion covering all options, and adopt a revenue system that lowers property taxes.


Launched in December 2006, the Coalition is a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational organization comprised of partners that include the League of Women Voters NH, the NH Council of Churches, The Epicopal Diocese of New Hampshire, and other organizations and individuals working to educate NH residents on the causes and effects of rising property taxes. More information about the New Hampshire Fair Tax Coalition -- including a 25-minute video on the history of tax fairness in New Hampshire – can be found at the Coalition’s website,