AUFC - New Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes audio advertisements

Thought u might be interested – Americans United for Change is going up with a new radio spot (see attached audio file, script and ad back-up) urging folks in the 1st district to call Rep. Shea-Porter and ask her to continue working for a strong economy, as she did when she helped pass legislation to provide immediate tax relief - $1,200 for most families – including vital relief for seniors, veterans and families with children. The radio spot will be running for roughly 10 days starting on Friday. In addition, we’ve got patch through calls going out to folks in the district with virtually the same script. At the end of the call, it patches those interested through to Rep. Shea-Porter’s office.

At a time when gas prices, college tuition and healthcare costs are skyrocketing, we wanted to assure NewHampshire families that they have a strong voice working for them in Washington. After nearly eight years of Bush-Republican trickle-down economics, Americans are facing the prospect of a protracted recession. These ads are a recognition that it took Representatives like Carol Shea-Porter and a new majority in Congress to begin to end the era of exclusive tax breaks for the wealthy, who need them least, that never manage to trickle down to those in New Hampshire who need them most. Rep. Shea-Porter is helping finally get tax relief where itwill do the most good to stimulate the economy: into the hands of families, seniors and veterans.

Click Here ----> AUFC Carol Shea Porter audio advertisement

Click Here ----> AUFC Paul Hodes audio advertisement