NH GOP - McCain Nomination Great News For NH Republicans

CONCORD – “Senator McCain’s nomination is great news for New Hampshire Republicans,” state Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen said today.

“Senator McCain has a unique bond with New Hampshire voters, including the 40 percent of voters who are independents and who decide elections in our state. Not only do New Hampshire Republicans get a nominee who is universally respected within our party, but New Hampshire Democrats get the one Republican they least wanted at the top of our ticket,” Cullen added.

“Senator McCain’s nomination guarantees that New Hampshirewill be a competitive swing state in the general election. Coupled with what will be a very competitive U.S. Senate race, we are looking at a political environment in which neither party has a built-in advantage. Unlike in the tidal election of 2006, this election is shaping up to be an equilibrium election in which New Hampshire comes back into political balance. This year, down-ballot candidates will win or lose on their own merits, and consequently, we can expect Republicans to regain many of the seats we lost last election cycle,” Cullen said.

“New Hampshire party bylaws required our three members of the Republican National Committee to remain neutral so long as the nominationwas contested. With Senator McCain clinching the nomination, I am pleased to announce that National Committeewoman Phyllis Woods, National Committeeman Sean Mahoney, and I heartily endorse Senator McCain. We look forward to workingwith Senator McCain and his campaign team to carry New Hampshire for him in the November election,” Cullen said.