State Representative Dan Dumaine Endorses Jennifer Horn!

NASHUA - Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, announced the endorsement of New Hampshire State Representative Dan Dumaine.

Dan Dumaine: “I’m tired of supporting the person who has the experience because he or she has held office before. I will vote for experience if this is all there is to vote for but I want a candidate that is a cut from the people. One who will not only give me, a N.H. State Representative an audience when I require it but will also give the most important person, far more important than myself, an audience when they require it and that’s the constituent.

I look for the person who can look me directly in the eye and tell me exactly what he or she is going to do once they get elected and then once they take office have the guts and the fortitude to do exactly what they said they were going to do, even if leadership stiff arms them to do otherwise.

I look for a person who will totally and completely stand on the Republican platform with absolutely no reservations whatsoever and if they cannot for some reason or another, I expect to hear directly from them a good conservative reason as why they did not. I may not agree with the reason but I need an honest answer when that reason is given to me.

This is exactly why I plan to support Jennifer Horn for her upcoming run for United States Congress. I’ve spoken to Jennifer more than once recently and each time I’ve questioned her extensively regarding the issues important to me and I’m convinced that Jennifer Horn is exactly what I’m looking for and what N.H. needs as a U.S Congresswoman. Jennifer is pro-life, pro-second amendment, anti-illegal immigration, pro-securing our border, pro-constitutional amendment to make marriage between one man and one woman, pro-parental rights, pro-smaller and less intrusive government, just to name a few. As Jennifer and I talked face-to-face, she looked me directly in the eye and answered my questions without any reservation and I believe her honestly. I know that Jen will be a people Congresswoman because she is a cut of the people and will not simply be a statuesque let’s make a deal politician in Washington D.C.

Jennifer Horn: “I am very proud to have the support of Dan Dumaine in my efforts to represent the people of the 2nd District in the United States Congress. Dan has a long history of defending the unborn and protecting our 2nd Amendment rights, values we share. He been a strong and independent voice for his community at the State House and he understands the idea of public office as public service– a concept I will bring with me to Washington. Dan Dumaine is a man with the courage to stand for what is right, and I am honored to have his support.

Dan Dumaine

NH State Representative Dan Dumaine, Rockingham District 3, was elected in a special election to the New Hampshire Legislature in August 2000.

Dan Dumaine began his career in law enforcement with the Keene, NH Police Department in 1972. Dan was assigned to uniform patrol and later self-initiated special undercover investigations into drug abuse.

In September 1986, after 15 years of dedicated service with the Keene Police Department, Dan left to join the Cheshire County Sheriff's Department located in Keene, NH.

In November 1987, Dan left the Cheshire County Sheriff's Department and became a licensed and bonded NH Private Investigator.

In January 1991, Dan became a Staff Private Investigator with the New Hampshire Public Defender’s office.

About Jennifer Horn

Jennifer Horn writes a weekly column in the Sunday edition of The Telegraph and is the host of “On The Air With Jennifer Horn”, a daily 2 hour current events talk radio show. As host of the show, Jennifer Horn won three New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters Golden Mike Awards: including First Place for Radio Feature (a special on the homecoming of Bravo Company in 2006)and a second place for Radio Documentary (Special Report: Illegal Immigration in America).

Jennifer Horn has spent a lifetime involved in her community - volunteering for the first time at her local hospital at the age of 18.

Inspired by her cousin’s decade long struggle with Breast Cancer, Jennifer Horn has been actively involved in supporting Breast Cancer research and support groups through the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, completing five 60-mile walks and two 40-milewalks. Jennifer Horn has organized teams of walkers and wrote a book, Hope Is A Walking Dream, donating all proceeds to Breast Cancer support programs.

In 2007, Jennifer Horn received the Spirit of Hope Award for her work with the Chernobyl Children Project. Jennifer has been an active volunteer for the project since 1999,including six years as the New Hampshire coordinator, from 2001-2006, growing it from 1 host family hosting two children to as many as 10 host families hosting 20 children - coordinated the efforts of volunteers, creating a coalition of support from a number of faith organizations, coordinating, organizing and hosting major fundraising events, and participating in a 2005 humanitarian trip to Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to visit the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant contamination zone, and visit her host children.

In July 2007 Jennifer Horn Co-Chaired the first Operation America Rising New Hampshire support the troops rally in Greely Park, Nashua. Disturbed by the partisan, politicized tone of the debate surrounding the current conflict in Iraq, Jennifer spear-headed an effort to show non-partisan community support for the men and women of the United States Military.

Jennifer Horn has volunteered for and served on the Board of Directors for Marguerite’s Place– an organization that provides transitional housing, education, training and daycare for women and children who need a safe place to live and get their lives back on track.

Jennifer Horn volunteered for and served on the Board of Directors for Nashua Police Athletic League, a group that provides extra-curricular athletic opportunities and a community center with a focus on developing friendly relations between the police and the children in the neediest neighborhoods.

Jennifer Horn has 5 children and lives in Nashua with her husband Bill.