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March 7, 2008

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The Five Dumbest Product Bans - An Overview of Regulatory Absurdity by Eli Lehrer
Dildos, and Booze, and Cards, Oh My: Even as the array of consumer products available to the average American expands each day, a bewildering variety of government regulations serve to limit consumer choice. From the aircraft on which Americans fly to the food they buy in the grocery store, government regulation limits product choice at every turn.

Presidential Pandering by Frances B. Smith
It would be economically disastrous to renegotiate NAFTA . It would mean that the U.S. would lose credibility with other countries in the world trading system with which it would like to pursue stronger economic ties. Such a move could also result in political issues in Mexico and with other countries.

More Government Child Snatching by Hans Bader
Government social workers have an incentive to overreact to erroneous allegations of child abuse, and take children away from loving parents, because they reasonably fear that they will be fired if a child on their caseload dies, even if the death was unforeseeable. (The problem is even worse in England, fueled by adoption bonuses). Children seized and placed into foster care often experience devastating psychological harm.

TSA Toy Terror by Ivan Osorio Few federal agencies irritate these days like the Transportation Security Administration. Now a new toy lets exasperated travelers teach their kids about what they can expect when they’re old enough to travel on their own.

Cabbies Shrugged by Michelle Minton
Lawmakers on the Hill may have to walk a little more than usual thanks to the taxicab drivers’ strike that began today. Maybe they’ll burn off some of that pork fat or maybe they’ll understand a little more clearly that businesses have no duty to the government or the public.

House Leaders Help America’s Enemies, Punish Our Friends by Hans Bader
Investor’s Business Daily comments on the decision by the House of Representatives to exempt an oil company controlled by Venezuela’s anti-American leftist dictator from a major tax increase imposed on American oil companies.

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