25 Republican Legislators Join Campaign of Candidate for Executive Council District 3

Exeter, NH – Russell Prescott, Republican Candidate for the Executive Council District 3 seat, today announced the support of 23 Republican State Representatives and 2 Senators from across the district.

“I am very grateful to have the support of so many state legislators. This group of respected local leaders will help me bring my message of fiscal conservatism and spending restraint to the voters of District 3. I am looking forward to working with them to regain this Executive Council seat,” said Prescott.

Exeter State Representative Lee Quandt said, “I’ve known Russell Prescott as a colleague, business neighbor and a friend for over 10 years and I wholeheartedly support his candidacy for Executive Council. Russell has always stood strong for good government but limited government, for frugal spending and low taxes. This is exactly what we need on the Executive Council.”

“As a member of the New Hampshire State Senate, Russell fought against wasteful spending. He will be a great watchdog for our dollars on the Executive Council,” said Sen. Bob Letourneau of Derry.

Rep. Ken Weyler of Kingston said, “I’m proud to support one of my constituents in his bid for Executive Council. As a small business owner, Russell Prescott knows the impact that out-of-control spending, taxes and regulation can have on our economy. He will be a true defender of fiscal conservatism.”

“Russell Prescott is a strong voice for fiscal sanity and I know we can depend on him to protect our New Hampshire tax advantage,” said Sen. Michael Downing.

Legislators for Prescott for Executive Council District 3

Representative James Garrity

Representative George Winchell

Representative Gene Charron

Representative Elisabeth Sanders

Senator Robert Letourneau

Representative Marshall Quandt

Representative Matthew Quandt

Representative Daniel Itse

Representative Joseph Guthrie

Representative David Welch

Representative John Flanders

Representative Kenneth Weyler

Representative Mary Allen

Representative Frank Case

Representative Julie Brown

Senator Michael Downing

Representative David Bettencourt

Representative David Dalrymple

Representative Russell Ingram

Representative James Devine

Representative Everett Weare

Representative Jason Bedrick

Representative Mary Griffin

Representative Kevin Waterhouse

Representative Ron Nowe