ETV - House Maj. Whip Clyburn: Obama/Clinton--"Cut Out the Negativity"

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn Tells Obama and Clinton to “Cut I t Out”
SC Congressman Doesn’t Want the Plug Pulled on Campaign
But Wants Dem Duo to “Cut Out the Negativity”

Says Party’s Candidate Needs to Be Named Before the Convention

During Interview on South Carolina’s ETV Radio


Columbia SC…In an interview taped Tuesday for ETV Radio, South Carolina’s public radio network, Congressman Jim Clyburn warned that if either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton were to abandon their run for the presidency in the immediate future, it could adversely impact candidates running for other offices in primary states.

When asked during the taping of “The Big Picture on the Radio” program , which will air Friday, April 11 at 9 a.m., if Democrats need to come to a conclusion and have their candidate in place before the convention, Clyburn said:

“Yes, we need to have it in place before Denver, but I don’t think we need to have it in place before June 4. This whole notion that we ought to tamp down these primaries I think is very counterproductive…I was in North Carolina yesterday (Monday)…They’ve got a very spirited campaign going on for governor, for lieutenant governor, other statewide offices. They got the Senate races, the House races, all these things are taking place. Now, if we’re to short-circuit this, it could have some adverse impact on Democratic candidates running in primary races for other offices.

“So, what I’ve been saying is, our candidates don’t need to step down, or step out, they need to cut it out. By that I mean, cut out the negativity, talk about yourselves, talk about your platform and let that be the way you conduct this campaign. I don’t think you have to be negative towards the other person to get your message across.”


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