Political Chowder Sunday April 13 on MyTV at 11am

Bush - Cheney Impeachment resolution goes to the NH House for a vote
Hannaford retaliates against TV station for aggressive coverage of data breach
Good news for President Franklin Pierce...historians rate George W. Bush
Is it a Democratic nominee yet?
Petraeus and Crocker on the hot seat
Constitutional Amendment gets support for NH State Bd of Ed

NH responds to the needs of returning Vets

Mel Goodman (Former CIA analyst and director of the national security program at the Center for International Policy) - new book: Failure of Intelligence

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Part One - The Week in Rewind

Representative David Hess
Representative Eleanor Glynn Kjellman
NHBR Editor Jeff Feingold
Candidate for Congress Grant Bosse

Part Two - How to help returning Vets.

Souhegan Valley Chamber of Commerce has an answer.

Part Three - Interview with former CIA analyst Mel Goodman

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