LPNH Endorses Impeachment Resolution

MANCHESTER -- At their April board meeting, the Libertarian Party of NH officially endorsed NH House Resolution 24, which calls for impeachment procedures to start against President Bush and Vice President Cheney.

The resolution is based on rules from the Jefferson Manual of Parliamentary Practice, which states that impeachment proceedings may be initiated by the legislature of a state.

The resolution states many reasons to warrant the start of an impeachment including pressuring states to implement electronic voting, violations of FISA and the Geneva Conventions, for advocating the indefinite detainment of American citizens, warrantless wiretaps of American citizens, and for various actions taken during the conflict in Iraq.

A resolution of this form re-asserts the important role that individual states play in our federalist system, placing a further check against federal-level power and actions, in the executive branch or otherwise.

HR24 is currently awaiting a vote by the full House at their next general session. You can read the text of HR24 at