Horn for Congress - Frontrunner in Only 10 Weeks

Jennifer Horn nearly doubles the amount of money raised by the other candidates combined!

From Radio Show Host to Congressional Campaign Frontrunner in Only 10 Weeks

NASHUA- Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for the 2nd Congressional District, announced today that she has raised the most money and had the largest number of donors than any other Republican campaign in the 2nd District this year. Horn has garnered many notable endorsements and traveled across the district several times over since announcing her run for Congress in mid-January.

“I am honored to have such overwhelming support from people across the district,” said Horn. “Change is coming. People are excited again because they know that when I go to Washington I will fight for their interests and not the special interests.”

Jennifer Horn raised nearly $72,000 with $56,368 coming from 153 donors; she also put in$15,000 of her own money. According to published reports, Bob Clegg raised $19,950; Grant Bosse raised $ 14,471 ,and Jim Steiner raised $ 3,473 for a combined total of $37,894. That is slightly over half the amount that Jennifer raised by herself.

Horn Continued: “Momentum is on our side. Our campaign has raised more money and has more donors than any of my Republican opponents. It’s because the voters across the 2nd district know that I am the only candidate who can beat Paul Hodes in November.”

Jennifer received the endorsements of:

Ø Ambassador Joseph and Augusta Petrone

Ø Former New Hampshire State Senate President Tom Eaton

Ø State Representative Dan Dumaine

Ø Former State Representative Mark  and Michelle Carter

Ø Franklin Mayor Ken Merrifield

Ø Former Franklin Mayor David Palfrey

Ø Former Franklin Mayor Tony Giunta

Ø Nashua Alderman Mark Cookson

Ø Sunapee Selectman Steve White

Jennifer has attended:

GOP Meetings: Merrimack County, Grafton County, Coos County, Cheshire County, Sullivan County, Amherst, Peterborough, Concord City Committee, Nashua, Young Republicans

Communities: Nashua, Concord, Keene, Peterborough, Gorham, Berlin, Franklin, Tilton, Newport, Milford, Amherst, Dublin