Horn for Congress - Paul Hodes Turns His Back On NH Families

Yesterday, Congressman Paul Hodes not only sat idle but voted against a bill that would have prevented the largest tax hike in American history, as a consequence, New Hampshire families will suffer a much greater tax burden.

Congressional Candidate Jennifer Horn had this to say about Paul Hodes and his vote against lower taxes. “Paul Hodes’ vote, especially on April 15th of all days, indicates a complete disregard for the citizens across the district . Paul Hodes has shown that he is the same kind of Washington insider that New Hampshire wants no part of this election year.”

According to published reports, the average New Hampshire family will see their tax burden rise on average $2,144 after the new budget takes effect.

Horn continued: “Because Paul Hodes refused to standup yesterday, New Hampshire families will now have a much greater tax burden.”

Jennifer Horn stated: “Paul Hodes has yet to show real leadership. I encourage him to stop playing follow-the-leader, and instead listen to the citizens he supposedly represents in New Hampshire. Americans are hungry for a change, when I am elected to Congress, I will always make the interests of the people my highest priority.”