Bearse Campaign Supporters - Avoiding Tax Torture

Peter Bearse, Independent Candidate for Congress in NH CD 1, celebrated the most taxing day of the year at day's end -- by greeting late tax filers at Manchester's main post office as they streamed in to mail their returns before the midnight deadline.

He distributed a flyer: "How to Avoid Tax Torture." It showed a taxpayer shackled on a rack of IRS forms, with streams of bureaucratic legalese and regulations clouding his fevered brain. The "How to..." advised:

  • 1. Elect the only economist on the Congressional ballot, a tight-fisted Independent, Dr. PETER BEARSE

  • 2. Support Dr. Bearse’s efforts to fight for TAX REFORM – for a fairer and simpler tax to replace the income tax.

  • 3. Help Peter FIGHT WASTE & FRAUD in government expenditures.

  • 4. Push with Peter to CUT EARMARKS and other incentives to overspend.

  • 5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF DR. BEARSE’S EXPERIENCE as an economist -- to achieve accountability of government agencies through independent evaluations, increase competitiveness of American industry in world markets, and create jobs.

  • 6. JOIN ONE OF THE INDEPENDENT CITIZEN’S COMMITTEES being established to monitor the IRS and the government budget.