Bosse for Congress - Hypocritical Horn Accepts Lobbyist Cash

Self-proclaimed front runner’s campaign rhetoric is nothing but talk

(Nashua) Self-proclaimed front-runner Jennifer Horn has accepted campaign contributions from a registered lobbyist, despite earlier demands that a fellow candidate return lobbyist contributions and apologize to the voters of New Hampshire. Horn's first-quarter filing with Federal Election Commission shows a $4,600 contribution on February 7 from Mark Ustin, a New York lobbyist, and another $4,600 from Carolyn Ustin at the same address.

Republican candidate Grant Bosse said that Horn is free to receive contributions from any legal donor, but was surprised at Horn's hypocrisy in accepting money from lobbyists.

"Jennifer Horn's empty rhetoric on campaign finance is nothing but talk," said Bosse. "When she said Bob Clegg's contributions were tainted, she neglected to mention the $9,000 in lobbyist money she has already accepted."

"We shouldn't be surprised that our self-proclaimed front-runner wants other candidates to return lobbyists' contributions while she cashes their checks," Bosse concluded. "Whether the issue has been taxes, earmarks, or campaign finance, so far Jennifer Horn has been nothing but talk."