Income Disparity Leaves Group Out on Pay Equity Day

Unmarried Women Hardest Hit by Pay Inequity

Study Finds Income Disparities Leave Unmarried Women Behind

WASHINGTON, DC – As Equal Pay Day approaches, a new study from Women’s Voices Women Vote finds unmarried women are most vulnerable to pay inequity compared to unmarried men, married men or married women. 

Examination of Census Data finds unmarried women earn less than men, and married women, in terms of family, household and personal earnings.  The average household income of unmarried women is almost $12,000 less than that of unmarried men.  

“On Tuesday, our nation recognizes Equal Pay Day, and takes a look at how far into the year a woman would have to work to earn as much as a man earned the previous year,” said Page Gardner, President of Women’s Voices Women Vote.  “Income disparities hit unmarried women the hardest, resulting in a women on her own having to work until September 27 of the following year to earn as much money as a typical man makes.”

The Lake Research Partners study, commissioned by Women’s Voices Women Vote, found unmarried women earn only 56 cents for every dollar a married man earns.  In terms of personal earnings, unmarried women live on only $37,264 per year, which is nearly $6,000 less than unmarried men ($42,843) and nearly $30,000 less than married men ($66,646) earn.  

“Unmarried women are 53 million strong in this country, and they work hard every day to provide for their families and create better futures for themselves,” said Gardner.  “These women are making it on their own, and deserve to be compensated equally to men and married women for the work they do,” Gardner said.

Unmarried women not only earn less than unmarried men, and married men and women, but they are the sole provider of basic household costs.  Unmarried women spend 37 percent of their household income on basic household costs, while married women report spending only 32 percent of their household income on these expenses.  The study finds unmarried women have nearly $225 less to spend per month than unmarried men do.   

“Our research finds unmarried women are interested in the general election, and they have been participating in the 2008 primaries at historic rates,” said Gardner.  “Our latest poll found unmarried women are profoundly concerned with economic issues, and placed strong emphasis on Pay Equity.  Unmarried women not only deserve equal pay for equal work, but they need paycheck fairness to survive in our world today.” 

The full report on unmarried women and income disparity is available at

Women's Voices Women Vote is a non-profit, non-partisan organization created to activate unmarried women to participate in their government and in our democracy. 

Women’s Voices Women Vote recently released a policy agenda outlining concerns of unmarried women.  The agenda finds the policy issue concerns of unmarried women are driven by the effects of the economy and income disparity on their daily lives.  The full policy agenda of unmarried women is available at