Horn to Clegg: Return the Lobbyist Money and Apologize

NASHUA– Jennifer Horn, Republican candidate for Congress, issued the following statement in response to State Senator Bob Clegg’s defense of lobbyists:

“When given the opportunity to explain being the single largest recipient of lobbyist funds of all state lawmakers, Sen. Clegg defended the lobbyists instead of thevoters.

Sen. Clegg says lobbyists contribute to his campaign fund because his door is always open; I say when it comes to the influence of special interests on our lawmakers, sometimes that door needs to be closed.

Between scandal, special interests and lobbyists, Washington has become mired in corruption and backroom dealings. It’s no wonder Congress has the lowest approval rating in American history. The days of Jack Abramoff, Tom Delay and Duke Cunningham are over. Bob Clegg should stop defending taking money from lobbyist, apologize to the voters and return the money.

This is the only way Bob Clegg can prove to the voters of New Hampshire that he will represent their interests over the special interests.

We alreadyhave someone in Washington who is a friend to special interests. It makes no sense to replace one for the other. Paul Hodes continues to give nothing more than political lip-service to reform. Recently he helped pass a resolution that will create an independent panel to investigate the actions of House members. It only took him 14 months to work on something that he said would be his top priority if elected.

It seems more like a shell game than any real reform. With one hand, Paul Hodes is one of the largest earmarkers in D.C., mailed taxpayer funded letters to a State Democrat Party mailing list and refused to disclose how much taxpayer money he spent on mailings. In fact, USA Today named him one of the top 20 earmark spenders for the 2006 freshman class and that includes both Houses of Congress! With the other hand, Paul Hodes trumpets a resolution that will investigate House members – hoping the people will not notice what the other hand is doing.

In order to fix Congress we must reform it at its core. The time to tinker around the edges is over. We need real reform and we need it now.

First we start with the type of people we send to Congress. Career politicians, political operatives and lawyers have had their chance and they have failed.

When I go to Washington to represent my neighbors, I will not accept money from lobbyists. My door will always be open to the residents of the 2nddistrict. I will fight to end corruption, to make Congress work for the people once again, and I will always put the interests of New Hampshire before all else.”