CONCORD –April Fools Day is a good time to consider a bizarre fact held in common by the winters of 1873-74 and 2007-08. Can you guess what it is?

Not only do you have to go back to 1873-74 to find a winter with more snow than this year, but that was also the last time New Hampshire Democrats held the governor’s office and majorities in both houses of the state legislature at the same time.

Either way, New Hampshire’s getting buried – both in record snow and the government knows best, nanny state legislation reflecting the priorities of the extreme left wing that dominates the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Some examples:

  • Legalizing pot
  • $250 fines for the release of helium balloons
  • Wasting time debating impeachment resolutions instead of dealing with serious issues like Gov. Lynch’s growing budget deficit created by Lynch’s 17.5% increase in state spending; education funding; and the ed funding constitutional amendment
  • Mandating the use of seatbelts
  • Mandating smoking policies in private businesses instead of letting the free market decide
  • Mandating the cooking policies of private restaurants instead of trusting individuals to make up their own minds about whether they need that hamburger

“It iswell-established that the weather can affect human behavior, but this may be the first time Democratic control has been linked to the weather. Either way, New Hampshire residents have the same response: Please, make it stop!” said Fergus Cullen, Chairman of New Hampshire Republicans.

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301