Bosse Campaign - Dear Congressman Hodes: Stop Wasting Our Money

Bosse Urges Congressman to End Abuse of Power and Taxpayer Dollars

(Washington, DC) Last week Congressman Paul Hodes announced his “Voices of the People” initiative, asking New Hampshire residents to write letters to his office for Hodes to read on the House floor and enter into the Congressional Record. Labeling this effort as an abuse of both Congressional power and taxpayer dollars, Grant Bosse today delivered a letter to Hodes’ Congressional office, asking Hodes to read it on the House floor.

“As a concerned New Hampshire resident, I would like to urge you to stop using the powers and privileges of your office for political gain,” Bosse said. “The funds provided to you by taxpayers are there for you to do your job as a Representative in the 110thCongress, not to secure your place in the 111th.”

Bosse admonished Hodes for his repeated abuses of power, and lack of respect for taxpayer dollars. Last year, Hodes diverted taxpayer funds to the New Hampshire Democratic Party, despite clear prohibitions on using public money for a political purpose. Hodes then used the politically targeted mailing list purchased from the Democratic Party to send self-promoting newsletters to New Hampshire Democrats, paying for the mail using taxpayer dollars. “Voices of the People” is merely the latest in Hodes’ show of contempt for the people he represents.

“You have decided to use your time on the House floor, and the pages of the Congressional Record, to curry favor with New Hampshire voters and pander to those political supporters you choose to highlight, ”Bosse continued. “Such actions fuel the cynicism Americans feel towards their government, and bolster the common belief that our elected officials are more interested in holding on to power than doing their jobs.”

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