NH GOP - Shaheen's Smokescreen

CONCORD – Earlier today Jeanne Shaheen made what her campaign billed as a major policy address on national security. However, no amount of rhetoric can mask her blatant, politically motivated 180-degree turn around on the war in Iraq.

“To succeed in the ongoing struggle against organized terrorism, we need experienced leaders in Washington with principles and vision,” said Mike Moffett of Concord, Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

“John Sununu has shown that he is a steadfast senator whose commitment to our national defense is strong and unwavering. This is in sharp contrast to Jeanne Shaheen, with her reputation for expediency and for following the political winds. Her equivocation doesn’t inspire confidence and doesn’t represent the kind of leadership our servicemen and women expect and deserve.”

“While Shaheen seeks to distance herself from her own earlier positions on the Iraq conflict, John Sununu is consistently working to make sure our men and women fighting the war on terror have the tools necessary for victory.”


Shaheen then…

“Look, if we're going to go into Iraq -- and again, I think we've got to keep all the options on the table -- we need to know what we're getting into and we need to be prepared to stay there for as long as it takes to make sure that the successor to Saddam Hussein, whatever that regime turns out to be, is going to be one that can build democratic institutions and provide stability in the country.” (Transcript from CNN’s Novak, Hunt, and Shields,aired September 21, 2002, emphasis added)

“Well, I think if we go into Iraq, that it will require sacrifice from people in this country. I think it does mean that we need to consider a long-term commitment there . It will require the dedication of resources. And that would mean that people in this country would have to support the effort and be willing to help sacrifice to make that happen. So I think that is something. That's why we need to have the support of the American people in doing that.” (Transcript from CNN’s Novak, Hunt, and Shields, aired September 21, 2002, emphasis added)

In an Oct. 25, 2002, interview with the AP, Shaheen said, “I came out very early in support of the president on Iraq and I came out very early the day the White House and the House leadership negotiated the resolution on Iraq.” ( Harry R. Weber, “Leadership, Abortion, Taxes, Independence, Education,” Associated Press, Oct. 25, 2002)

…and now.

Shaheen’s campaign spokeswoman now says that U.S.troops “‘have done everything that has been asked of them. It is time to bring them home.’ Bedingfield said Shaheen had turned against the war by 2004. She said Shaheen believes Bush ‘misled us into the war.’” ( John Distaso “GOP Hits Shaheen Record on Iraq,”Union Leader, March 21, 2008)

“This week, Shaheen said the U.S. is ‘five years into a war we were told would last a matter of weeks’…She said the war ‘has diverted our military focus from pursuing terrorist threats around the world’ and has made the U.S. ‘more vulnerable to terrorist threats’ than the country has been since 2001.” (John Distaso “GOP Hits Shaheen Record on Iraq,”Union Leader, March 21, 2008)

Fergus Cullen

Chairman, New Hampshire Republican Party

10 Water Street

Concord , NH 03301